Our History

For over a decade I was convinced that I would spend my professional life providing mental health services as a therapist. I earned an undergraduate degree at BYU-Idaho studying Psychology and Sociology. I worked in residential treatment, inpatient psychiatric units, and on mobile crisis teams. I even applied to and was accepted to an MSW program (which I ultimately decided not to start). For over 10 years I worked hard to learn the mental health field and prepare myself to serve a wide range of clients.

However life happened. I got married, battled through some life challenges and found myself wanting to help people in a different way. I enrolled in a graduate program studying business management and leadership and found that I had a knack for leading change and building programs and businesses.

I got my feet wet in the business side of things while working for a neuropsychologist. In addition to testing patients, I spent time developing marketing plans, networking and helping to increase the clinic’s visibility and client base. After nearly two years of learning the ins and outs of marketing and program development, I found another opportunity for growth knocking on my door.

For the past two years I have worked for a small behavioral health practice first as a Client Care Associate, then as an Office/Business Manager, and finally as the Operations Director. When I started there were 5 therapists, 1 psychiatric nurse practitioner and 2 office support staff, the business was struggling to make ends meet and there wasn’t a solid plan for growth. In my time there I more than tripled the revenue, expanded both office sites to double their initial capacity and grew the staff to 12 therapists, 3 psychiatric nurse practitioners, an administrative department and a 6 person office support team.

I worked 60 hour weeks, poured my blood, sweat and tears into the upward trending of the practice, and learned a great deal by developing networks with individuals who are well versed in their area of expertise. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that I will never know all the answers, but if I can build a support team that I can turn to in order to get answers, then I will be able to face any obstacle that comes my way.

Aim Business Services, LLC has made my dreams become a reality as I launch my very own business…a business that is designed to help you do good, focus on what really matters to you, and grow the mental health field in my corner of the world. Together we can be a powerful force that promotes growth, healing and wellness!

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

–Les Brown

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